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Italian Human Hair Co.

Is a company that operates in the field of processing human hair for 34 years , all our products are made of high quality human hair that is collected from our collectors in the communities of Eastern Europe and in Italy by hairdressers and ecclesiastical communities. Hair come to us in the form of ponytails in assorted lengths and colors.

Our process is divided in three steps: select colors and lengths, disinfection and washing.
In this first trial are not used acids or products that can damage the color or texture of the hair After switching to 1-2-3 step process for the production of the hair in strands , weft, clip -on , tape -in , lady's wigs , man's hairpieces, loose hair For the production of strands is used a glue keratin produced 100 % in Italy does not cause allergies , has a seal extremely strong , resistant to products for permanent , frequent shampoos , dyes , is of easy removal can be applied with all types of machines, leaves no residue and no damaged hair. as regards the weft these are made to machine sewn with 100 % cotton do not cause allergies . The entire range of our products can be made with single or double drawn hair with straight hair , wavy or curly according to customer's request Our hair as mentioned above do not undergo any chemical treatment are 100% virgin with all cuticles in the same direction, so do not use silicone conditioners and remain soft over time all of our products can be bleached, permed and color are covered by international guarantee certificate .

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About Hair

Hair from Asia

Predominantly these hairs are chemically treated for several reasons. One of these to remove cuticles to make them thinner, another one to remove deposits of parasite eggs. These treatments acting on the structure of the hair makes it weaker and frizz, especially as regards blonde colors. To avoid this are used balms of silicone that, at first sight give the feel a sense of softness and shine, but with some shampoo goes away, becoming rough and brittle. Recognize a virgin hair, if you have no knowledge in the field, it is a simple operation: just put them under the tap and wet them; if they give an effect slimy to the touch they are chemically treated.

Indians Hairs

This quality of hair is well suited for the realization of extensions, the only problem is the limitation of colors, only brown and gray in nature and then to have an assortment of colors, you have to lighten and then retouching them. For years we have importing hair from India. Today we suspended the processing of this quality of hair for the presence of synthetic hair that growing in the middle, that appear at the time of bleaching in percentage of 30-40%. To remove these, is an expensive process because it is made entirely hand. Then, considering the loss of weight of the hair in the process of discoloration estimated around 50-60% plus the cost of the removal of the synthetic hair, the final cost is higher than that other type of hair of best quality which may be European or Brazilian.

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